The new taylormade stealth driver

By Ryan Ballengee

Dec. 13, 2021

Two new TaylorMade Golf drivers have hit the USGA conforming list, both with the name Stealth. As has become custom with TaylorMade, there are different drivers for different golfers, with the Stealth and Stealth+ as the models.

Meet Stealth

We don't have a ton of information beyond these photos that the USGA took of the submitted drivers. However, the USGA said that, on the face, is the phrase "60X Carbon Twist Face." That sounds like this driver will use a carbon-composite face.

A carbon face?

Back in the day, Yonex and Callaway were among those companies who tried making drivers with a composite face. They weren't hits. But materials and design have changed, and TaylorMade may be able to deliver true benefits to golfers.

An old idea anew

The USGA says the Stealth model has a 12-way adjustable hosel. Both models will have TwistFace to help high-toe and low-heel hits, as well as the Speed Pocket that has become synonymous with TaylorMade drivers and metal -- er, carbonwoods.

Other features