By Ryan Ballengee

Feb. 24, 2022

For golfers who struggle around the greens, Cleveland Golf's Smart Sole 4 (now available in Black Satin) collection can be a big help. The collection of three wedges are individually designed to help golfers with specific trouble shots.

Friendly Wedges

The C model engineered for foolproof chip shots, an S model for easier sand saves and a G model for additional forgiveness on approach shots into the green. This is truly letting the club do the work (although you do have to hit the shots).

Specially Designed

Smart Sole 4 features a three-tiered sole across all three models with extra leading-edge bounce to ensure good contact. Feel Balancing Technology adjusts the center of gravity closer to the sweet spot for better feel.

Sole-ful Shaping

Smart Sole 4 wedges with the Black Satin finish launch March 4 for $120 per wedges in steel and $130 per wedge in graphite. The available wedges are a 42-degree chipper, 50-degree gap wedge and 58-degree sand wedge.

Coming Soon