Can this TaylorMade ball help you putt?

by Ryan Ballengee

March 22, 2022

TaylorMade Golf has introduced their next-gen Tour Response golf balls, which share some design components and technology found in their Tour-level franchise, the TP5. There's one big difference, though, available with Tour Response.

Meet Tour Response Stripe

The Tour Response stripe builds on the company's Pix visual alignnment aid. A 22-millimeter digital band that wraps around the center of the golf ball has a thin black line to match with putter sight lines. The contasting yellow makes it easier to find the ball on the course while offering feedback on each and every putt.

Easier to Align

The Tour Response is a three-piece ball with a cast-urethane cover. It now features the Tour Response Dimple found on the TP5, which is shallower and also steeper than its predecessor to help improve carry distance and overall performance in a softer, 70-compression package.

Tour Flight Dimple

The TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls are now available for $40 per dozen, with or without the Stripe, as well as with white or yellow options.

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