Looking for golf content? Syndicate with Golf News Net

Looking for golf content? Syndicate with Golf News Net

Golf fans and golfers often fall into a valuable demographic whose attention most any advertiser wants. The problem is that golf can be expensive to cover, has many months of depressed interest each year and may not necessarily be at the forefront of priorities for publishers and digital property owners.

So, you want to get in front of an influential, affluent audience, but you don't want to put in the time and resources up-front to commit to winning content that could be valuable for your bottom line?

Why not let Golf News Net produce that content for you?

Golf News Net has winning content that performs well socially and on search engines time and again, using that content to become the fastest growing digital golf property. We don't publish all the same stories as others in the space, choosing to put a different spin on golf news and entertainment while staying true to what most golfers and golf fans find interesting.

We are on the ground at the major championships and golf's biggest events, delivering on-site insights and information. We break news that drives the daily conversation in the sport. We take a light-hearted approach to a sport that has an inaccurate reputation as being too uptight.

Syndicating Golf News Net content is easy. We produce, you publish and we both benefit from increased audience sizes, better engagement and increased revenue. We can create content in addition to what publishes on our website, over-the-top TV apps and social platforms to provide more traditional, fully rounded content offering.

Interested in reaching the golf audience? Let us help. Contact us now for more information.


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