Submitting press releases to develop into native content

Submitting press releases to develop into native content

Every single day, hundreds of golf-related press releases are sent out to thousands upon thousands of email addresses and mailing lists. And for what?

The odds of most of those releases ever leading to any kind of significant coverage is poor...very poor. In part, that's because press releases are often written to appease the client instead of helping provide the information someone in media might want to use for a story. The other, more-difficult part, is crafting information that is not only useful for the media but that can also be easily spun into something of interest for golf fans and consumers.

Golf News Net wants to help make press releases come to life.

We're now accepting as many as three press releases each day which we will turn into native website content published under our Golf Biz section. We will work with PR firms and in-house communications departments to turn releases into content that is on-brand but not filled with jargon, terms in Caps Lock and presented with a consumer-first angle.

The benefits are multi-faceted:

  • Your press release translates directly into a piece of content which hits Golf News Net, a website reaching 1 million unique visitors per month
  • The content lands on a property with high SEO value, meaning it will rank highly in Google search for months to come, helping your messaging without having to pay for search engine advertising fees
  • Our published content can include multimedia content, including video, podcasts and pictures that lead to better user engagement and time spent on your messaging.
  • We will share the release through Golf News Net's Twitter or Facebook account, depending on your preference.

We do have terms and conditions for this service:

  • The release cannot promote illegal activities
  • The release can be supplied with as little as 24 hours' notice, provided a slot is available for that day's slate
  • Release slots can be reserved with more than 24 hours' notice, so long as the release copy is received with 24 hours' lead time

We offer this service for $200 per release, and we offer packages of three releases for $500 and 10 releases for $1,500.

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