GOLF FITNESS: Improve balance with the one-legged ball toss

GOLF FITNESS: Improve balance with the one-legged ball toss


Balance is the most important thing in golf. It sets up every other skill in the game.

Balance is what allows your body to know where your club head is relative to the ball. When you lose your balance, you make poor contact because you no longer have a relative understanding of where your club is going.

So, to improve your balance, here’s a simple exercise you can fit in between other exercises at the gym or when you’re watching Sunday coverage at home.

Find yourself a tennis ball, racquet ball or any ball that will bounce off of a wall (preferably a wall that won’t get messed up by throwing a ball against it). If you have good stability in your lower body already, find yourself a 10 lb. medicine ball with some bounce. Stand on one foot, with a slight bend in the knee, and toss the ball against the wall or a trampoline.

This is the kind of exercise that shouldn’t make you sore. Rather, it's designed to improve your stability and improve your understanding of where your club head is relative to the ball. Strengthening the little muscles improves balance, which promotes more consistent ball-striking.

Seth Hill is a contributor at Golf News Net and an instructor at Hozl, a golf instruction company based in Austin, TX that offers a personal swing coach at an affordable price. 


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