Here are the four things a golfer should carry in their pocket during their round
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Here are the four things a golfer should carry in their pocket during their round

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During any given round of golf, a golfer needs a lot of stuff to get through all 18 holes (or nine holes).

However, a golfer doesn't need access to everything they need to play golf at all times. A lot of stuff that a golfer needs might be used just a few times per round -- or even less frequently. That's the kind of stuff that sits in a golf bag for months, if not years, without being touched.

But the stuff that a golfer really needs should be in their pocket or pockets during a round of golf. These are the things that a golfer is going to use on practically every hole of the round and need to be on a golfer's person to grab in an instant. After all, an unprepared golfer is really annoying to play with since they never have what they need and take up extra time rooting through their bag or cart to get what they should already have.

Then again, a golfer doesn't want to play an entire round of golf with way too much stuff in their pockets. It can be distracting and weigh down a player to the point that it affects their game. Knowing exactly what should be in-pocket during a round is key.

What a golfer should carry in their pockets while playing golf

A golf ball (and maybe an extra golf ball): You need a golf ball to play golf, right? This isn't like playing air guitar, where the actual instrument isn't necessary. So, at a minimum, you're going to need to carry in your pocket the golf ball you're going to use to start a hole. If you're a player who tends to lose a lot of golf balls when you play, and there's no judgment in saying this, then you should probably have a second, backup ball in your pocket for the inevitable ball lost to the forest, water or thin air.

Tees: Almost every golfer I've ever played with (except for Dame Laura Davies) has used a tee to tee up their ball to start almost every hole in a golf round. So, it makes sense to carry at least a couple of tees in your pocket at all times. That way, at the start of a new hole, you have a ball and a tee ready to go to start a new hole. Also, tees can be handy divot repair tools and ball markers in a pinch.

A ball marker: You're going to need a ball marker during a round of golf, to replace your golf ball with it on the putting surfaces. What that ball marker is makes for a separate topic, but having a ball marker is a must. When you land on the green, drop down the marker, pick up your ball, clean it and get ready to putt.

A repair tool: There are way too many golfers who do not fix their ball marks on the putting greens. It's really annoying. Don't be one of those golfers. Have a good repair tool in your pocket. It can be as simple as a tee, something provided by the golf course or a fancier repair tool. Just make sure you have one in your pocket and get into the habit of repairing a ball mark that you make -- and another stray ball mark -- when you get to the green.

After that, everything else is optional. You may or may not use a glove, so that's not necessary. Maybe you use a GPS that fits in your pocket for determining distances. Maybe you keep your phone in your pocket for that reason or for keeping score. You don't have to have a scorecard or pencil with you.

However, if you have the four things on our list in your pocket, then you'll be ready for practically anything that happens on a given golf hole, keep things moving and be a good playing partner.

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