Here's what Bryson DeChambeau names each of his golf clubs and why
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Here’s what Bryson DeChambeau names each of his golf clubs and why

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Bryson DeChambeau is a unique golfer. While the days of the driving cap and pseudoscientific pontification seem to be long gone, he still is deeply invested in his equipment and how it performs.

He's gone to a 3D-printed set of irons from a company named Avoda, and they've netted him some great success in the majors in 2024 on top of his tremendous ball speed and distance.

It makes sense, then, that someone with that kind of obsession over his equipment would also put the time and effort into naming his golf clubs beyond the numbers on them.

Besides, DeChambeau plays single-length irons with lofts that can be considered strong. The numbers on the bottom aren't particularly representative of what they mean for distance compared to his peers -- or any other golfer for that matter. So, DeChambeau might as well name them individually.

NBC Sports showed a graphic during the US Open that detailed the names for each of his irons and wedges, as well as an explanation of why.

Bryson DeChambeau club names
Bryson DeChambeau club names
3 Gamma Third letter in Greek alphabet
5 Azalea Favorite par 5 at Augusta National
6 Juniper Sixth hole at Augusta National
7 Tin Cup Kevin Costner character’s favorite club
8 8-Ball Enjoys playing 8-ball billiards
9 (42) Jackie Named in honor of Jackie Robinson
PW (46) Herman Keiser Named in honor of 1946 Masters winner Herman Keiser
GW (50) Jimmy Demaret Named in honor of 1950 Masters winner Jimmy Demaret
SW (55) Mr. Ward Named in honor of 1955 US Open low amateur Harvey Ward
LW (60) King Named in honor of Arnold Palmer

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