Steve Stricker says he knows 'for a fact' that some LIV Golf players want back on the PGA Tour

Steve Stricker says he knows ‘for a fact’ that some LIV Golf players want back on the PGA Tour

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There are LIV Golf players who are not happy on the Saudi-owned tour and would like to come back to the PGA Tour when either their contracts expire or the two sides come together on a detente.

That's according to Steve Stricker, who explained what he knew ahead of the PGA Tour Champions' Cologuard Classic last week in Arizona. Ahead of the tournament on Thursday, Stricker shared that he's aware of at least some players who would like to get back on the PGA Tour.

"I know the guys, some of them on the LIV tour want to come back and play out on the regular Tour, I know that for a fact, and so it's kind of a wait-and-see game, especially for us out here," he said.

Stricker knows there wouldn't be much impact on the day-to-day of the PGA Tour Champions, though several of their players are either already eligible for the 50-plus circuit or would be soon enough.

He added, "It doesn't impact us very much, but I'm still interested in the happenings and what's going to happen and what's going to come for us."

The winning 2021 Ryder Cup captain and three-time Presidents Cup winning captain is still well-connected with the PGA Tour players and several who went to LIV Golf. After all, he was their team leader as recently as three years ago. However, Stricker is hoping to play on the PGA Tour this season, particularly in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, the PGA Tour's team event. Stricker suggested he might ask Tiger Woods to partner up with him in the tournament, though he doubts Woods would say yes.

"I don't think that will happen," Stricker said. "He's got other issues than playing with me, but it would be fun and it's fun thinking about it."

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