How much money does an LPGA Tour player get for winning a tournament?

How much money does an LPGA Tour player get for winning a tournament?


Every week on the LPGA Tour, which plays approximately 33 weeks of the year, a professional player earns a big amount of money. However, the amount of money a LPGA Tour player gets for winning a tournament changes from week to week.

Generally speaking, the winner of a LPGA Tour event gets 15 percent of the total purse. However, the total purse changes by week.

On the LPGA Tour, there are basically two tiers of tournaments.

The first tier consists of all the events that aren't major championships. These events typically range in purse from $1.5 million to $3.25 million, though there are exceptions. These tournaments are all pretty similar, in that there is a full field of players competing in an event.

The winner gets 3 percentage points less of the purse compared to the PGA Tour because pay is guaranteed to all players who complete the tournament, and the purse is redistributed when more than 65 pro players make the cut after 36 holes. The LPGA Tour also claws back six percent of the purse in administrative fees, except from the winner.

The difference in purses can be explained as a way of attempting to differentiate tournaments, but tournaments also have different purses depending on the contract that the tournament and its title and lead sponsors sign with the LPGA Tour. Depending on when the sponsor signed the contract, where the tournament is on the schedule and what the tournament hopes to accomplish with their sponsorship, the tournament in question will have a different purse.

The second tier consistes of the five major championships and the CME Group Tour Championship. The five major championships all have big purses, though they vary between the tournaments. The two majors owned and operated by LPGA Tour -- the Chevron Championship and the Amundi Evian Championship -- pay 15 percent to the winner. The other three majors feature purses paying 18 percent to the winner. These events have purses of $5.5 million to $11 million. The CME Group Tour Championship has just 60 players, and the winner earns $4 million, marking the biggest first-place prize in women's golf.

While the LPGA Tour winner's share is generally the same on a percentage basis, the purses of tournaments do vary across the schedule, meaning players are competing for money that is typically commensurate with an event's status on the Tour slate.

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