What set of tees is Charlie Woods playing in the 2022 PNC Championship?
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What set of tees is Charlie Woods playing in the 2022 PNC Championship?


At the 2022 PNC Championship, there are 40 players competing in 20 teams of two in a 36-hole scramble to take down the title in the PGA Tour's family event.

While there are 20 professional golfers competing in the field, those pros are diverse in their ages and gender, with Nelly Korda competing in the event, as well as a number of 50-plus players. The players that are partnering with the professionals are also diverse, ranging from children to adult children to parents. Among those partners is Tiger Woods' son, 13-year-old Charlie Woods.

What set of tees is Charlie Woods playing in the 2022 PNC Championship?

At this year's PNC Championship, Charlie Woods is playing a golf course that is 6,452 yards in length. That's two tee boxes up from the longest set in the setup. In total, there are four tee boxes in play on the 2022 PNC Championship scorecard to accommodate all 40 golfers in the field.

  • Yellow tees: 7,094 yards for PGA Tour professionals aged 54 and under
  • White course: 6,754 yards for PGA Tour professionals aged 55-64, family members aged 14 and over, and LPGA Tour professionals
  • Red course: 6,452 yards for PGA Tour professionals aged 65-72, family members aged 12-13, and LPGA Tour professionals aged 50 and over
  • Blue course: 5,643 for all professionals and family members aged 73 and over, juniors aged 11 and under

There was some controversy at the start of the week, with tournament organizers considering asking Charlie Woods to play from 6,754 yards because of his length off the tee. However, in the end, the organizers made the right decision to get Woods two tee boxes up from his father.

Where the pros' partners play from is definitely a consideration in the scramble format, as the drive is an important part of a scramble strategy to get as close to the hole as possible with the tee shot. With Charlie Woods being a longer hitter, Team Woods will often use his drives when they're in good position off the tee.

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