Tiger and Charlie Woods give a shout-out to Tiger's ex-wife, Elin, at the 2022 PNC Championship
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Tiger and Charlie Woods give a shout-out to Tiger’s ex-wife, Elin, at the 2022 PNC Championship


Tiger Woods and his son, 13-year-old Charlie, are playing together this weekend at the 2022 PNC Championship in Orlando, Fla. While they're focused on trying to win the 36-hole scramble event after finishing runners-up last year to the Dalys, the Woods father-son duo took time out on Saturday to give a special shout out to Woods' ex-wife.

Woods asked NBC Sports to have a camera on the first tee, and they obliged the 15-time major winner. After the Woods' hit their tee shots on the opening hole at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, both Tiger and Charlie looked into the camera and said congratulations to Elin Nordegren, Woods' ex-wife, who just recently gave birth on Thursday to a baby boy named Arthur.

It might seem strange to people that Tiger Woods would take time out to send a special message to his ex-wife, especially considering everything he put her through 13 years ago when revelations of his widespread cheating made headlines for weeks in and out of golf circles. However, over the years, Woods and Nordegren have found a way to forge a decent relationship, as Woods has alluded to in previous comments.

“It was too tough, too tough. But now, in hindsight, as years and years have gone by, we're like best friends," Woods said, according to Time Magazine. "It's fun. She talks to me about her life, I talk to her about my life. We try and help each other out on all occasions. And we work through it with the kids, the parenting program."

He continued, "She is one of my best friends now, and it's all because of my kids. We've worked so hard, and I've shown her how much I love them.”

Nordegren, who is 42, is partners with former Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron, dating back to 2019. She and Woods have two children together, Charlie and Sam, with the latter born in 2007. After Nordegren and Woods divorced, she dated coal magnate Chris Cline. They eventually split up, and Cline died in a 2019 helicopter crash in the Bahamas at age 60.

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