Callaway Golf introduces new Jaws Raw wedges

Callaway Golf introduces new Jaws Raw wedges

Some golfers love a wedge that rusts up. They love the look. They're convinced the rust helps impart more spin on the ball. They're a conversation starter.

Callaway Golf has you covered with their new Jaws Raw wedges. Yes, the wedges are delivered without a face coating. But that's not the full story. For the first time ever, Callaway is introducing tungsten into a wedge.

The base for Jaws Raw wedges is, of course, the Jaws wedge. The Jaws wedges feature a 37-degree wall angle on the wedge grooves to offer a sharper groove edge, meaning golfers should see more stopping power, particularly inside of 80 yards. Milled 20-degree-angle micro grooves between the traditional grooves help with touch shots to impart more spin for the shortest shots.

The Raw part of Jaws Raw is a new raw face, which removes the plating and allows for rusting over time in the scoring zone while maintaining the finished look elsewhere. The idea is that the lack of plating will deliver the face more directly to the ball for better control and spin.

Each sand and lob wedge features tungsten weight to help position the center of gravity, while variable-length hosels help control trajectory by further positioning the center of mass. The leading edge is straighter on the Jaws Raw, designed for a clean hosel connection with no notch.

The Jaws Raw lineup has four grinds, forming 17 loft-bounce combinations. The new grind is called the Z Grind, which is designed for a shot-maker who needs a little more forgiveness. The Z Grind is a low-bounce option with a leading-edge chamfer that acts as a skid plate of sorts to help reduce digging on chip and pitch shots. Other grinds include the standard S, wide sole W and high-bounce X grind.

The Callaway Jaws Raw wedges are available July 22 at retail in two finishes -- Raw Chrome and an un-plated Raw Black Plasma -- with stock True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115-gram steel shafts ($180) and Project X Catalyst 80-gram graphite shafts ($190) for men. There women's stock shaft options is the UST Recoil in graphite.

Callaway Customs options include custom colors for with several color zones, as well as medallions, emojis and a variety of stamping options.

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