REVIEW: Copper Tech Plus golf gloves

REVIEW: Copper Tech Plus golf gloves

About six years ago, I reviewed a Copper Tech golf glove. I was happy with the glove, as it did many of the things I need and like to have in a glove, particularly for the mid-Atlantic summers that are hot and humid and can really do a number on a glove.

Since then, though, the Copper Tech glove has continued to evolve, with the new Copper Tech Plus representing an advancement of the glove I first tried in 2016.

The Copper Tech Plus is a one-size glove that fits most hands. It took some wearing in for my larger mitts to fit fully into them, but experts in this space will tell you it's better to have a snug fit at first than a loose one. They do make an extra large size, and I'd probably size up to that if you have a bigger hand.

The compression-like fit is touted by the company as a health benefit, helping circulation and oxygenation of the blood while preventing strain and stiffness that can come from the hands losing temperature over the round. Copper Tech naturally has copper infused into the glove makeup, and the company suggests there are performance benefits from that. I'm skeptical of that, but if you feel better wearing it with that feature, who am I to stop you?

The Plus glove also has a nice little bit of tack to it, thanks to a woven silicon pattern on the palm/grip side of the glove. There's a little bit of a tackiness to it that helps in all kinds of conditions, including in our summer, when I tested these.

The silicon surfaces are connected to a breathable material that helps keep the top of the hand cool and wicks away moisture that can develop inside the glove. That's good for the life of the glove and to keep it from smelling after it sits in your bag between rounds.

The Copper Tech glove continues to be reliable. The Velcro has held up well with how often I take it on and off, and it hasn't lost form with all of the time its spent in my back pocket. The glove comes with a ball marker that is connected to the Velcro tab via magnet. I have pulled the marker off by accident a few times in closing the glove, so I just took it off permanently. If you have smaller hands, it might not be as much of a concern as you'll pull the tab a little less aggressively than I have to close it.

My bigger hand did stretch out the glove after a while, and frankly that's probably the point where a new one needs to be put into play.

The Copper Tech Plus glove retails for $20 (save 20% with promo code NEWS20, and it's available through their website.

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