REVIEW: Public Rec All Day Every Day shorts are a great substitute for traditional golf shorts
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REVIEW: Public Rec All Day Every Day shorts are a great substitute for traditional golf shorts

We're about to enter the summer golf season, and that means it's time to start thinking about what you're going to be wearing on those hot days on the golf course. That means it's a great time to take stock of your wardrobe.

For me, comfort and performance are 1-2 in what I want in my golf shorts. If I'm being honest, I err toward comfort these days.

That quest for comfort has led me down a path toward activewear shorts that can also pass for golf shorts. Public Rec is a brand making a short that fits this profile, with their All Day Every Day short built to look like an adult could wear them most anywhere while feeling like a pair of shorts you'd wear on the couch all weekend.

Recently, they reached out before a golf trip I took to Florida, offering to let me try out the All Day Every Day shorts.

Something that's inherently different about the ADED (just going to shorten it from here on out) shorts is that they're ordered in waist sizes. Most shorts in this category come in sizing more common to gym shorts, but these are ordered for a more snug fit. I ordered in my waist size, and the shorts fit true, so stick with what you wear in jeans and khakis, and you'll be fine. The ADED shorts run a little longer than some other shorts I'd put in this category, and the company also offers regular and tall choices, which is a nice touch.

The ADED shorts have features you'll find throughout this category. There's a faux fly to throw off folks that these shorts are activewear. There's a flat elastic waistband that has an internal drawstring for dialing in sizing and comfort throughout a round.

The storage is a little different than a golfer might expect. There are two zippered front pockets with plenty of depth to hold everything you carry during a round. There are also two unzippered back pockets with small flaps over the top to protect what's stored in them. The zippered pockets may bother some golfers when they rub against them to grab tees or a ball marker or a divot repair tool, but they didn't bother me, and I have fairly big hands. I keep my glove in my back right pocket, and I kept my phone in the back left pocket, and that worked well.

The ADED shorts are a little heavier than some other shorts I've worn in this category. They are made from 88 percent nylon and 12 percent Spandex, which is a common formula for activewear shorts like this. However, they breath really well -- even in Florida heat and humidity. The shorts have enough room and stretch for someone that's even a bit bigger in the legs like me, and they don't fit too loose to be swimming in them.

At $68, the All Day Every Day shorts are priced right in the category, and they can be worn comfortably in a variety of off-course situations in addition to working at most golf courses. For folks who want an alternative option to traditional golf shorts, these are a great option with the versatility to make golf more comfortable while looking the part.

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