Wilson Golf's next-gen Launch Pad 2 looks to make golf easier for the bulk of us

Wilson Golf’s next-gen Launch Pad 2 looks to make golf easier for the bulk of us

Wilson Golf hasn't forgotten about the struggling golfer -- the player that needs as much help as they can get from their equipment to make golf a little less difficult. Their Launch Pad line of through-the-bag clubs (sans putter) looked to marry modern technology and materials with super-game-improvement shaping.

Now the Launch Pad line is in its second generation, with irons, a driver, fairway woods and hybrids built to help golfers with a variety of problems while updating the look with a new aesthetic.

The new Launch Pad irons are rooted in the idea that hybrid-looking irons are helpful for players who struggle hitting the ball consistently -- particularly with chunking shots. The sole is wide and built to resist digging, while the club's center of gravity has been lowered (as you'd expect with a hybrid-style club) to make it easier to launch the ball higher in the air. Noting that SGI (super game improvement) players are likely to scuff their clubs on the ground more often, Wilson has introduced a new painting process to create a more durable finish.

With the new Launch Pad driver, Wilson emphasized the lightweight nature of the club, which uses the Project X EvenFlow shaft. Naturally, such a driver features an inherent draw bias to help combat a slice. The Peak Kinetic Response (PKR) face disguises the closed face angle and offset hosel transition at address, giving the golfer a better look over the ball so that they're not convinced they'll hit it too far left.

The Launch Pad fairway woods and hybrids are similarly ultra-light and have a draw bias with face angle, offset, head shape and a center-of-gravity position (low and heelward) all combining to help the golfer. Both clubs use Carpenter Custom 455 steel for the face to deliver higher ball speeds.

The new Launch Pad hybrids are available in 19.5-degree FY, 22.5-degree 4-hybrid and a 25.5-degree 5-hybrid.

The Wilson Golf Launch Pad family is available, with the iron set coming in at $750 in steel and $850 in graphite for a seven-piece set. The driver is $350 in nine-, 10.5- and 13-degree heads, with the fairway woods at $220 each (16-degree 3-, 19-degree 5- and 22-degree 7-wood) and hybrids at $200 each.

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