PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II wedges look to deliver versatility, forgiveness and plenty of spin

PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II wedges look to deliver versatility, forgiveness and plenty of spin

The first generation of PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy wedges had an eye-popping price tag: $650 per wedge. Objectively, that's a lot.

However, the company made the pitch that a completely and totally milled wedge with tolerances tighter than a Boa constrictor's grip were worth it.

For the second generation of the Sugar Daddy, PXG is making a similar pitch in manufacturing quality, and they're putting it all in a package that screams versatility.

The Sugar Daddy II wedges are first triple-forged from 8620 carbon steel, a great, softer material for short-game clubs. Then, the final product is CNC milled to its end shape, including the grind and the other finer points key to maximizing your performance.

There are two grinds available in the Sugar Daddy IIs: the BP Grind, which has 13 degrees of bounce, and the C Grind, which has 10 degrees of bounce. The BP Grind has a wider sole and a mild heel-to-toe taper, meant for players who compete in softer conditions and have a steeper approach that can benefit from the increased bounce that will prevent digging. The C Grind has a narrower sole and a more aggressive taper from heel to toe in a package with moderate bounce. The great news is both grinds are available in every wedge loft from 50-62 degrees.

In addition to a pair of versatility-focused sole grinds, the Sugar Daddy IIs have full-face grooves in a higher-toe design. The goal here was to give golfers extra stopping power and, truly, a bigger canvas on which to paint short-game magic. The full-face grooves are precision milled to the USGA limit on radii sharpness so that a player can hit whatever shot they imagine with a wedge and get it to stop quickly. Notably, all the grooves are the same across lofts, which is increasing uncommon as competitors think different groove shapes help in different lofts: wider in the higher lofts and a touch deeper in the lower lofts. PXG sticks with the single-groove approach, and they see it as versatile enough to deliver on every shot.

Not only does the high toe make the wedge more playable, it also increases the club's moment of inertia and moves the center-of-gravity position on open-faced shots closer to the impact zone.

Precision Weighting Technology introduces also helps fitters get golfers more finely tuned into their wedges with a large weight positioned near the center of gravity.

The PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges are $499 each, with the Xtreme Dark finish available for $100 more per club. The whole lineup is available starting Feb. 1.

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