Srixon bridges the gap with the Z-Star Divide golf balls

Srixon bridges the gap with the Z-Star Divide golf balls

Srixon genuinely offered something a little different when they released their Q-Star Tour Divide golf balls, which feature a visual-aid paint job that has two different colors on the ball, split down the middle.

Turns out, people liked that. They found the balls interesting, and some of Srixon's customer base wanted to see the Divide come to the Z-Star, the company's Tour-caliber ball line.

Well, in 2022, the Z-Star Divide and Z-Star XV Divide are here.

The Z-Star and Z-Star XV Divide are avaiable in the yellow-white colorway to start. The idea is to give golfers an easy alignment visual for putts (and tee shots), as well as something easier to look at as the ball flies through the air and rolls on the ground. Perhaps an unintended benefit, too, is the balls may be easier to find in rough because of the contrasting colors.

Everything else about the Z-Star and Z-Star XV Divide balls stays the same compared to the non-Divide models, including the company's SpinSkin with SeRM coating that helps with spin and control, as well the FastLayer Core and 338 Speed Dimple pattern.

The Z-Star Divide and Z-Star XV Divide are available Jan. 21 for $45 per dozen.

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