Mizuno Golf introduces new finishes, grinds with T22 wedges

Mizuno Golf introduces new finishes, grinds with T22 wedges

Mizuno Golf makes some of the best -- if not the best -- irons in the world. It would follow, then, that the company would be almost as capable as making world-class wedges. However, the company doesn't get nearly as much play in the wedge space as perhaps they deserve.

The company's looking to change that yet again with their new T22 wedges. Built for a better player and with a smaller overall profile than the prior-gen T20 wedges, the T22 wedges come in 13 loft/bounce combos in three new finishes and with four potential grinds.

Just as with their irons, the T22 wedges are grain-flow forged, using the same single-piece boron-infused 1025 steel for which the company is famous. As has become a part of the irons, the T22 wedges also feature a thin layer of copper between the steel and the nickel-chrome plating, which the company says offers an additional component of control.

ā€œIā€™d look at the T22 as a great balance between the ultra-classic looks of the older T7 and the performance traits of the T20,ā€ said Chris Voshall of Mizuno Golf.

The top edge of the T22's modified teardrop-shaped head is beveled to deliver the look of the T7 wedges while offering performance benefits found in the T20 line. The upper portion of the head is tapered to help deliver more consistent spin and a lower trajectory.

The company's HydroFlow micro grooves are laser-etched into the face to help maintain performance in wet conditions, while loft-specific grooves are cut-milled into to steel. With the boron in the steel to improve its strength, Mizuno says these grooves stay sharper for longer.

There are four grinds available for the T22 lineup:

  • The S grind has a minimal sole grind, meant for fuller shots with lower-lofted wedges
  • The D grind has moderate heel and toe relief, allowing a player to player a versatile set of shots
  • The C grind has heavy heel and toe relief for play in firmer conditions and for those golfers with more refined skills
  • The X grind has extreme heel and toe relief for those with total control and a lot of imagination around the greens

The T22 wedges are available in three finishes: denim copper, satin chrome and raw. The raw finish comes without the copper underlay and rusts over time.

The Mizuno Golf T22 wedges are available Oct. 14 for $160 each in loft/grind combos from 46-60 degrees with the stock DG Tour Issue wedge shaft.

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