Big Max releases Dri Lite Hybrid Tour and Dri Lite Seven golf bags

Big Max releases Dri Lite Hybrid Tour and Dri Lite Seven golf bags


Big Max makes some of the most popular golf bags and walking carts in Europe, but that doesn't mean Americans don't have access to their technology. In fact, the company is releasing two new golf bags, Dri Lite Hybrid Tour and Dri Lite Seven, just in time for the fall golf season.

The Dri Lite Seven is a water-resistant stand bag that has both waterproof fabric and zips. Sporting an 8.5-inch top with four-way dividers and weighing in at less than 3.75 lbs, the bag is compact in total profile but offers plenty of room to place and remove all 14 clubs. There are four water-resistant pockets including a cooler and waterproof valuables pocket. The bag also has leg locks so the bag can easily be used on a walking cart.

It's available in three colorways (Black/Red, Navy/Orange, White/Navy/Red) for $180.

The Dri Lite Hybrid Tour is the water-resistant option for a golfer who walks, pushes and rides. The bag is designed to sit square on a push cart with flat, footless push cart compatible base and locking leg that are positioned lower to prevent interference with an upper bracket on a push cart. It has a 14-way divider and five water-repellent pockets – including spacious cooler and 100% waterproof valuables pocket. All of this is in a 4.4 lbs package.

"With the Hybrid Tour we use 90-degree and 45-degree angles as they harmonize together and combine perfectly with the angle of a bag on a push cart," said Ralf Niesing, Head of Bag Design at Big Max. "We then took the best modern color combinations and ended up with something that pops in a different way to any other bag I’ve seen. The Dri Lite Seven has a more subtle palette with bold accent colors, but at a single glance you can tell that this is a Big Max bag that has both style and substance.”

The Dri Lite Hybrid Tour is available in five colorways (Black, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Blueberry/Merlot, Steel Blue/Black/Rust, White/Black/Orange) for $260.

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