PXG introduces new 0211 lineup of putters at a more accessible price point

PXG introduces new 0211 lineup of putters at a more accessible price point

PXG has long had a reputation as a brand selling premium golf equipment at premium prices, but with their 0211 line of woods and irons, the company has proven it has a strong offering at an accessible price point.

(They're also offered enticing discount on their premium clubs throughout parts of the pandemic, but there's no expectation that will be permanent.)

Now, the company is expanding the 0211 line into putters, with five new models, all priced at $189. All of the models have flared cavities and feature an alignment aid the company calls the Runway Reticle, which has geometric, arrow-like markings designed to appeal to players of all skill levels.

The weight savings from the cavity shapes is used to increase the moment of inertia and a place to add visual cues for alignment.

The company's Pyramid Face technology is also a part of these putters. Milled into the 303 stainless steel heads, the Pyramid Face design works by helping on mishits to deliver across-the-face consistency in terms of ball speed, spin and roll-out.

Unlike the more premium Battle Ready putters, the 0211 putters do not have interchangeable hosels, with a hosel designed specifically for each head.

PXG 0211 putters

Clydesdale: The 0211 Clydesdale Putter is the longest of all the 0211 Putters from heel-to-toe, designed to deliver high MOI in a blade. The Clydesdale has a plumber’s neck hosel.

V-42: The V-42 Putter is a mid-mallet with a classic crescent shape with a minimalist look. Featuring a heel-shafted hosel, this putter helps those with a tendency to over rotate the clubhead at impact.

Hellcat: The Hellcat is a heavy blade putter built for consistent control and ball speed. Featuring a plumber’s neck hosel, the Hellcat is for golfers with a straight or slightly arced stroke and mild face rotation.

Bayonet: A traditional blade, the Bayonet is one of the lighter putters in the collection. Sporting a plumber's neck hosel, this putter is for golfers who want to have more control over the face.

Lightning: The heaviest putter in the PXG 0211 Putter lineup, the Lightning has a wide body with a high MOI, double-step shape. It's face-balanced with a double-bend hosel, and it's designed to help those who push putts.

The PXG 0211 putters are available now.


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