REVIEW: Linksoul offers timeless staples with a casual vibe that should be in your golf wardrobe
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REVIEW: Linksoul offers timeless staples with a casual vibe that should be in your golf wardrobe

When I was younger, in my 20s and early 30s, I found myself trying to diversify my closet. I wasn't particularly brand-conscious, and what I added to my wardrobe (with notable exceptions) had more to do with aesthetics first, then comfort.

However, as I've gotten older, my tastes have codified around a handful of brands that makes clothes I know look good to me and will be comfortable.

One of those brands is Linksoul. If you looked at my golf apparel repertoire, you'd find a handful of pairs of their Boardwalker shorts and a trio of their Boardwalker pants. Why mess with what works? When they company had a big Boardwalker sale in the fall, I stocked the hell up.

I have some other options for pants in colder conditions, including some great khaki-style denim from the Gap, but Linksoul has the bottom half of my body pretty well covered on the golf course.

While I love Linksoul's Boardwalker pants and shorts, I don't have much from them for my torso. Linksoul sizes a little differently with shirts and pullovers and the like, and I'm into a mix of subtle prints and stripes that really aren't a Linksoul staple. However, I recently saw two pieces that caught my eye, and the company was kind enough to send them to me for a review.

I'm a quarter-zip guy. If you're a golfer under 50, you probably are, too. However, I've found myself in quarantine wondering if maybe it's time to diversify the portfolio a little more. I've gotten into a few sweatshirts, including those with kangaroo pockets, that are a dream. But sometimes you need a little more than a QZ to play in colder weather, particularly in the winter and early spring here in the mid-Atlantic.

That's why I wanted to try the Kirkwall down vest. As the name implies, it's got a 100 percent goose down fill inside of a ribbed-style nylon shell. It's lightweight, which is awesome, and it can actually pack into itself, which makes it handy for storing in a golf bag as the temperature changes in a round.

The warmth is fabulous. It feels like you're 10 degrees warmer where there's coverage, all without feeling weighed down. Linksoul's snugger fit compared to some other brands is a plus here, because the Kirkwall never felt too loose, nor too tight. Just size up, and the Kirkwall should work wonderfully whether you're pairing it with just a polo or layering on top of a sweater or quarter-zip.

They also sent along a shirt that felt like an old friend. I got my first Linksoul shirt maybe 9 years ago. It was a navy blue color, and I loved wearing it on and off the course. But as I transformed into my dad bod, it didn't fit as well, and I had to donate it. In this shipment, I got their Hybrid polo, also in navy blue, and it felt like a timewarp back into my 20s.

The Aldo hybrid polo is my preferred Linksoul polo because it's a mix (58/42) of organic cotton and recycled polyester. It has plenty of stretch for the golf course, and the polyester holds up better when I sweat than cotton. I never play golf in a wholly cotton shirt. It's just going to end badly.

While I'm probably not going to play often in the Hybrid if the temperature is above 90 degrees in the summer, it's going to be a great option up into the 80s because it breathes well, moves well and adds a touch of versatile class to my closet.

I think of Linksoul as a staple golf brand for me. They have so many products that are understated and versatile, on and off the golf course, that they're a must. If you can find a brand like that, you stick with them and build a closet around them.

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