Cobra Golf introduces the King utility iron

Cobra Golf introduces the King utility iron

We've been told for years to get the long irons out of our bags. Lots of golfers took heed, ditching their 3-, 4- and 5-irons in favor of hybrids.

Turns out, a lot of players don't really like hybrids. They like their long irons, but they just needed something more forgiving. That backlash brought the advent of the utility iron, which has a hollow-body construction for a hot face, higher launch and more forgiveness.

Cobra Golf is introducing its newest release in the category, the King Utility iron, which is designed for players who want more control off the tee and going into longer par 5s in two (or three).

The King Utility iron looks like a muscleback iron, which is expected in this category. The King has a wider sole to get through a variety of lies with relative ease, and the hollow-body design allows for a lower and more back center of gravity for a higher, penetrating ball flight. The Pwrshell face insert delivers consistently high ball speeds across the face. Tungsten weighting in the toe helps with forgiveness and squaring up the club face.

The kicker with the King is that the Cobra team brought in MyFly8 adjustability to these clubs. That gives the golfer eight loft settings so a player can set proper gapping in their bag.

Like Cobra offerings across the board, the King Utility has a Cobra Connect smart grip, with an Arccos golf sensor embedded.

There's a One Length option as well, with a 37.5-inch shaft on each one. Cobra says its testing data from GEARS and player analysis has showed the single-length long irons can help with consistency and a tighter gap.

The Cobra King Utility iron is available for $220 in 2-iron (16-19 degrees), 3-iron (18-21 degrees) and 4-iron (21-24 degrees) with a KBS $-Taper Lite steel shaft (S, R flex) or a Project X Catalyst 80 graphite shaft (X-Stiff, S, or R flex). The One Length version is available in 3-iron (18-21 degrees), 4-iron (21-24 degrees)  and 5-iron (24-27 degrees) with the same shaft options.

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