Bryson DeChambeau considering using 48-inch driver when PGA Tour returns

Bryson DeChambeau considering using 48-inch driver when PGA Tour returns

Bryson DeChambeau has continued bulking up and chasing speed while the PGA Tour season is paused.

DeChambeau has been streaming some of his chase for them gainz on Twitch. In one stream, he bashed drivers into an outdoor hitting net as he sought to get to 200 mph ball speed, ultimately hitting an insane 203 mph. In a stream on April 20, DeChambeau, who is now up to 239 lbs., said he could chase even more distance and ball speed by making another big equipment change.

DeChambeau said he has been looking at using a 48-inch driver when the PGA Tour returns.

"I’d definitely use a 48-inch driver if I could control it," DeChambeau said. “I’d generate so much more speed, but it’d need to be light enough, though. We’re going to mess with that. Trust me, if the USGA allows me to go to 48 inches with the driver — and I hit it just as straight as my 45.5-inch driver — why not? Why not?"

The maximum length of a driver (or any non-putter golf club) is 48 inches, per the USGA rules. The added length of the driver shaft would give him an opportunity to generate more speed, though, as he mentioned, the trade-off would be potentially losing some control. With a lighter shaft, he may be able to control it enough to make it worthwhile.

This isn't the first time DeChambeau has considered changing his driver in a big way since going on a quest to get bigger, stronger and faster.

At the 2019 Presidents Cup, DeChambeau put into play a driver with a 4.8-degree loft. Between the loft and length changes, DeChambeau would effectively be carrying a driver used in long-drive competition.

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