XXIO introduces X line of premium clubs for more accomplished golfers

XXIO introduces X line of premium clubs for more accomplished golfers

Golfers in the know are probably aware of XXIO as a premium equipment brand delivering technologies in lighter clubs to help players with moderate and slower swing speeds get the most out of their game.

However, XXIO is creating some differentiation in 2020, introducing the X line as a premium product for more accomplished golfers that could benefit from their trademark design features: lightweight clubs with a high balance point.

“X takes the same XXIO philosophy – lightweight and easy to swing – but is designed for better players” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “We’re targeting golfers who have typically played ‘players’ golf equipment, but are starting to see distance declines in their game.”

The X line features drivers, fairway woods and irons.

The X driver features a carbon fiber sole, used to give discretionary weight that is distributed elsewhere in the club for higher MOI and lower center of gravity. The driver features more muted sound and feel that a XXIO golfer prefers.

The driver, woods and hybrids have a cup face, while the woods and hybrids have a feature dubbed the Cannon sole, which is a shaped weight pad to create space for a larger face.

The forged X irons have a more compact shape appealing to a better player, while the back of the face insert features a milled Speed groove, which is a perimeter channel that flexes at impact to improve ball speeds.

Featured throughout the X line and the new XXIO Eleven line is Weight Plus technology, which uses as much as 13 grams of brass and rubber weights in the butt end of each shaft to help reduce the load in swinging the club by raising the club's balance point. It's effectively a form of counter-balancing to create a more pendulum-like swing.

XXIO X is available in North America on Jan. 21, 2020 for $200 per iron, $300 per hybrid, $400 per fairway wood and $700 for the driver.

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