Linksoul's new bamboo pants and Polartec pullover focus on comfort and versatility
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Linksoul’s new bamboo pants and Polartec pullover focus on comfort and versatility

A summer ago, I went on a search for the best golf shorts on the market. I asked you, and you responded with some great suggestions of brands I knew by recognition but had never worn.

Eventually, I got to try a trio of great brands, including Linksoul, whose Boardwalker shorts are some of the best multi-purpose, performance hybrid golf shorts on the market. So, when Linksoul approached me with news of their new bamboo stretch pants, I had to give them a try.

The pants arrived and I ripped open the box to try them on. Right away, they felt like a favorite pair of jeans combined with the most comfortable sweatpants I have. Like jeans, they fit comfortably without being too loose -- as though they were made for me. Like a perfect pair of sweatpants, they felt so comfortable I could sit on the couch all day and watch an afternoon of sports. That the pants come looking like a stylish pair of chinos make them great for playing golf or pretty much any event.

The pants have a straight-leg construction, and they fit like that kind of jean. It's a modern fit, but the 69 percent cotton/29 percent bamboo/2 percent spandex blend moves so well me that I had no concerns on the course. However, as I wore them more, the pants -- like the Boardwalker shorts -- had a way of loosening up some that made them more fitting for playing golf.

The pockets are cut similar to jeans, making them easier from which to fish tees or a ball mark or anything in the front pockets. All front pockets in golf apparel should be cut this way, as far as I'm concerned. The back pockets are deep enough to hold a phone, golf glove, scorecard, yardage book -- whatever you need for your round.

Right now, the pants are available in six styles, including two mainstays in grey (Grey Mist) and tan (Light Toast). The pants size from 30-40 in waist and are available with 32- and 34-inch inseam lengths. The pants are $130 per pair, but sale pairs are available for $65. Linksoul apparel is built to last, so these won't be clothes you take out of the rotation just a few seasons from now.

If you're looking for something closer to the Boardwalker shorts in terms of construction and feel, there are also new Boardwalker pants. As the company calls them, the pants are the "calf-covering" version of the flagship shorts. While I didn't get to try them out, the parallels suggest the pants will be as must a must-have as the shorts.

Making an outfit of it, Linksoul also sent me their new Polartec quarter-zip pullover. With this piece, Linksoul was looking for a versatile fleece fabric, and Polartec came out their favorite because of how warm it is and how well it resists pilling and dries quickly. Polartec is a key part of a variety of Linksoul's apparel, from their rain suits and jackets to these more fashion-forward pieces.

Like with the bamboo pants and so much of what Linksoul produces, the pullover is made for versatility. It's meant to look natural and feel natural to wear other places than the course. The pullover feels soft and lightweight and looks well-made. The zipper looks like something you'd find on lifestyle apparel, not a golf fabric. (There are times when having a golf-specific fabric is really important.) The pullover is comfortable to wear and is perfect for those 50-degree days when golf is a borderline good idea.

If you're tired of pullovers and want something different, Linksoul makes this product as a full-zip hoodie, which could be a great changeup for those colder days. The pullover is $150, and the jacket is $160.

Linksoul apparel has always been inspired by a West Coast vibe of being able to go surf and play golf in the same day. However, the company has been smart to make apparel that can travel beyond surf-and-turf and truly fit in a classy casual environment. These latest additions aren't just clothes you'll wear on the occasion you play golf, and that's what will make them a particularly key part of your closet.

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