PXG comes out with its first true blade in the PXG 0311 ST irons

PXG comes out with its first true blade in the PXG 0311 ST irons

If you had woken up from a 15-year slumber and just found out about PXG and the hollow-body-iron revolution, you'd probably figure the company's 0311 irons (first or second generation) were musclebacks. They look like 'em on the outside, even if they're sometimes bulkier looking than those butter knives your father played in his younger days.

But, to this point in Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) history, the company hasn't made a true blade. Until now.

With the introduction of the PXG 0311 ST irons, the company has created irons for what they call the "accomplished golfer" who wants a blade with workability and reliable performance.

The 0311 ST irons -- the ST stands for "super tour" -- are totally milled from a triple-forged billet of 8620 soft carbon steel. The company says this softer steel product is plenty strong for durability of the grooves and overall shape of the irons over time. Each iron is plated with nickel-chromium plated for corrosion resistance and has an anti-glare finish.

The irons feature Perimeter Weighting Technology as found on each of their irons, as well a narrow sole and a compact blade length to marry some facets of their technology with the aesthetic a better player often wants in their irons. The ball launches a little lower and with a bit more spin with these blades (just like any), but the exchange is in consistency from shot to shot and more control for the player who can exert it on the ball.

The company hasn't announced an exact release date for the irons yet, but pre-orders are now available.

PXG's first blade isn't cheap. The PXG 0311 ST irons are $650 each as part of a custom-fitting experience and will start shipping in late September.

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