Tasc's MicroAir polo offers performance and comfort with a natural feel
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Tasc’s MicroAir polo offers performance and comfort with a natural feel

I first experienced Tasc apparel when I had the good fortune of playing in the pro-am at the PGA Tour's Puerto Rico Open in February. I was in the check-in line at Coco Beach Golf and Country Club, and I was handed a pair of Tasc shorts and a pullover.

What I immediately liked about the pieces when I wore them for the first time -- and I've liked each time since -- is that they don't feel like techy apparel that looks unnatural and screams that I'm coming from the golf course. At the same time, the pieces perform like a more technical garment on the golf course with an emphasis on natural, sustainable materials. Best of all, the Tasc apparel is reasonably priced, so there's no particular premium price to wearing versatile clothing.

No one at Tasc knew that when they reached out to me to try a new polo that had them excited. They wanted me to try out their new MicroAir polo, and I told them I'd be happy to do it because it sounded true to the garments I already had. Tasc wanted a light, comfortable performance polo without all the chemicals found in moisture-wicking polos -- the ones that make a golf shirt sometimes feel unnatural. I was game.

I've hade the MicroAir for a few weeks now, and I've worn it on the golf course and to a number of off-course functions. I love it.

The shirt is made from micro modal, which is a fiber curated from beechwood trees, making them a sustainable fabric. The two-yarn construction keeps the shirt light and it falls on the body like a T-shirt, but fancier -- comfortable, familiar and not tight. The shirt feels luxurious when you wear it. The micro modal has plenty of stretch for a round of golf or even at a backyard barbecue.

Importantly, the shirts dry quickly. In Maryland summers, humidity is a big concern, and it can turn even the most technical shirt into a sartorial sweatrag in short order. The good news is the MicroAir took inevitable sweat and kept me cool while drying me off quickly. It didn't turn into a sponge, like cotton would. And it didn't turn into a chamois like some technical fabrics can do despite claims to be moisture-wicking.

The shirts fit true to size, so there's no concern there. It's definitely a warm-weather polo, but with a layering piece it could be great in the fall and spring, too. The collar has enough stiffness to it so it will hold form and not become floppy in the heat. The same is true for the button placket, so the shirt will still look like a classy polo after a long day on the course.

The MicroAir polo is definitely in the rotation now, and I hope we'll see some more pieces with the beechwood micro modal in the future.

The Tasc MicroAir polo is available in six styles -- three solid colors ($79 each) and three striped options ($84 each).

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