We have a new home page and an all-new perspective with GNN Plus

We have a new home page and an all-new perspective with GNN Plus

When I started Golf News Net again in 2012, I wanted to do something different, getting away from all of the short-form, click-bait type stuff I had been churning out at insane clips for NBC and Golf Channel. The information was interesting and it appealed to a general golf and sports audience, but it wasn't much fun for me to write. I wanted to dig in on subjects that piqued my interest (or yours) and see what I could share, even if the broader golf world didn't much care.

Turns out, that was a horrible way to try to make a living as an independent golf media company.

A few years later, when I really got GNN going again in 2014, I swallowed the pill and realized I'd need to build an audience. That would require writing content that was news-led and topic-driven. There would be some click-bait involved, and I hoped to do it as tastefully as possible without insulting you, the consumer. I like to think I struck a good balance, growing the Golf News Net audience while chasing stories and information I was interested in learning myself. I figured, if I was curious, someone else would be curious about it, too.

But I was still missing something. Having an audience is great, but I still felt like I wasn't honoring my original goal: to do something different. That's been gnawing away at me this last year or so, and I knew I had to make a change. So, what did I come up with?

A new home page?

Not exactly.

For about three years now, I've quietly offered the GNN Plus membership with a variety of benefits: no display ads, savings for golfers on equipment and other related tools, fantasy advice and tools above and beyond my regular picks. But the unique, daily content and perspective I promised had been lacking. Really lacking. That all changes now.

The new GNN home page is has been redesigned so that GNN Plus members can easily interact with our work and our perspective. The new home will represent a feed of what I'm writing, recording and shooting, posted in a timeline fashion that makes it easy to get right to the good stuff. No need to press and click to listen to a podcast or look at a video. It'll be right in the feed for GNN Plus members.

I'll offer short-form posts right in the feed, too. If I can make a point in 100 words, why make you read through a bunch of puff around it in a separate piece?

You'll see links to our sister travel site GolfTripX, to other websites and to deals I find along the way that might help make this game more fun and affordable.

Members will have access to bonus episodes of The 19th Hole Golf Show podcast to keep the conversation going more frequently.

I'm going to embed interesting and funny social posts right in the feed so you can have a good think or a laugh along with me. It can't be click-bait if you don't have to click to see it.

There will still be fantasy research and tips, just like we've always done, utilizing our shorter pieces to pass along good information for fantasy players and golf die-hards alike.

We'll have live chats and events just for members, including with friends and guests who have great perspective to add.

And, yes, there will be reporting and opinion that I want to share. All on a daily basis.

I hope you'll consider joining GNN Plus. It's now $50 per year or $5 per month. For the week of the 2019 PGA Championship, we'll offer a free preview. After that, you can try for a week, and if you don't like it, I'll refund your money, no questions asked. I believe this is the best way to give a window into how I see the game of golf, and I also believe it'll continue to be a great value that will save you both time and money.

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Ryan Ballengee is founder and editor of Golf News Net. He has been writing and broadcasting about golf for over a decade, working for NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Yahoo Sports and SB Nation. Ballengee lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his family. He used to be a good golfer.

Ballengee can be reached by email at ryan[at]thegolfnewsnet.com

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