New Hampshire police officer gifts golf clubs to man he challenged to get sober (and did)
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New Hampshire police officer gifts golf clubs to man he challenged to get sober (and did)

Credit: Manchester Ink Link

Police officers have some frequent customers on their beats. They run into some of the same people, again and again, often for the same reason.

Over time, these officers get to know the people they arrest and cite so often. It's human nature, for one, to get to know people you run into in the course of your day job. It's also part of an effort to connect with these people personally, appealing to their goals and dreams and efforts to be a better person.

That's how Manchester, N.H., officer Justin Maguire got to know Mark Yphantis, a 58-year-old who has been often cited and arrested for heavily drinking and the resulting fallout from his addiction. However, in the course of these frequent run-ins, the pair realized they both love golf. So, as the Manchester Ink Link reports, Maguire issued a challenge to Yphantis at the end of 2017: If Yphantis sobered up, he'd take him to play golf.

Just recently, Yphantis celebrated 100 days of sobriety. With some help, Maguire delivered on his end of the bargain.

This week, Maguire made two things happen for Yphanits. Thanks to the donation of Golf and Ski Warehouse, Maguire delivered a set of clubs to Yphantis. A few days later, Derryfield Country Club donated 10 free rounds of golf to Yphantis.

The pair plan to play golf together later this season.

“I truly don’t know if I thought he’d do it but I’m a man of my word,” Maguire said. "The last thing I wanted was any attention from this. I just wanted to do something nice for a guy who likes golf because that’s my passion too.”

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