Here's how you can get Tiger Woods' Nike polo with Frank the Tiger headcover on it
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Here’s how you can get Tiger Woods’ Nike polo with Frank the Tiger headcover on it


Tiger Woods showed up in the Masters media center on Tuesday for his usual pre-Augusta news conference wearing a unique Nike shirt. He was wearing a black polo shirt with an embroidered version of his famous Frank the Tiger headcover on the left breast.

One of the reporters in the room noticed the look and asked Woods about it, and the 14-time major winner explained that it was indeed Frank, the former star of several Nike commercials, on the shirt.

"Oh, that's Frank, my headcover," Woods said with a smile.

The next question for a lot of golf fans is: How do I get my hands on that Frank the Tiger headcover shirt? The good news is Nike already has you covered.

Earlier in the day, Nike was taking pre-orders for this special edition of the Nike unisex polo. The Nike Polo features a pique fabric with a classic cotton look, as well Dri-Fit technology so a golfer could wear it comfortably on the course or off. Nike even suggests some people would wear this polo shirt to the gym. That's not me, but hey, whatever.

The pre-order was live, and the shirt was running you $75. There were a variety of other colors available, but only the black shirt has the Frank headcover on it. However, at some point in the afternoon, the shirt was removed and replaced with a different one. We're not sure if it's because the pre-order is over, if the shirt was posted pre-maturely or what, but it's gone...for now.

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