Bridgestone’s new Tour B XW-1 wedges offer more versatile grinds and more spin

Bridgestone’s new Tour B XW-1 wedges offer more versatile grinds and more spin

I have a Bridgestone Golf Tour B XW-1 wedge in my bag. It's a 52-degree wedge with 8 degrees of bounce, and it has a gorgeous black coating on it. I'm a weirdo who likes minimum bounce and different colors on my wedges, which are black, rusted and chrome, respectively.

But, the reality is the overwhelming number of golfers want chrome, and they want bounce, and they fit into a variety of grinds. That's precisely who Bridgestone is talking to with their new Tour B XW-1 wedges. Made for a better player (but not necessarily a low-handicap player), the wedges are forged from 1020 mild carbon steel and feature new Biting Rail milled grooves to generate more spin. The Biting Rail milled grooves are etched between the customary grooves, offering more resistance and friction with the ball to not only impart more spin but also prevent the ball from running up the face at impact.

The other exciting news with these wedges is having three separate grinds (or sole configurations, if you wish) for different types of shots played with each wedge.

  • The F (Flat) sole is intended to optimize turf interaction on full or mid-range approach shots to encourage a more penetrating ball flight, and it's only available on the 50-degree wedge.
  • The M Sole offers versatility with heel and toe relief for pretty much any kind of shot a player will need, and it comes in the 52-, 54-, 58- and 60-degree wedges.
  • The A Sole is meant to be the most forgiving, with a heavier sole grind, and it's available only on a 56-degree wedge.

The Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 wedges are available March 1 for $140 each in right-hand only with a Modus Tour 105 stock stiff shaft.

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