Here's why Jason Dufner is wearing a hat with 'Dude' on it
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Here’s why Jason Dufner is wearing a hat with ‘Dude’ on it

Jason Dufner made headlines last year with his amazing hat choices. He was a free agent without a logo deal for his hats, and he could wear what he wanted. Now, though Dufner is a made man with a new endorsement deal in 2019.

As part of that new deal, Jason Dufner is now wearing a hat with "Dude" written on it.

Dufner has signed a contract to endorse a product called Dude Wipes, which are sanitation wipes for men. Dude Wipes was featured on "Shark Tank" in 2015, with Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban purchasing a 25 percent stake in the company.

Dude Wipes are disposable sanitation wipes for men, to be used in the bathroom to clean in ways toilet paper cannot. They run about $10 for a 30-pack, and they come in a package that many dads will recognize as looking at lot like baby wipes. Except they're for men. The wipes are made from "plant-based fibers" and have Vitamin E and aloe in them.

The company also makes face and body wipes, as well a powder for men. The body wipes are marketed as a way of being able to get as clean as taking a shower without actually having to hop in one.

So, Dufner -- a certifiable dude, in the lower-case sense -- is endorsing a product to make men feel more clean and comfortable wherever they go. That includes the golf course, and it wouldn't be all that surprising if Dufner makes a little light of it, whipping out some Dude Wipes while playing on the PGA Tour this year.

Dufner has always looked like he never sweats under pressure. He's the most placid-looking guy there is. But even the calmest people sweat from time to time. If Dufner has sweats to add to his five PGA Tour wins, then the endorsement deal could be a big success for Dude Wipes.


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