PXG launches 0341X Gen2 fairways, 0317X Gen2 hybrids

PXG launches 0341X Gen2 fairways, 0317X Gen2 hybrids

PXG has surprised the world of golf with its new 0811 Gen2 driver offerings, cutting the price from $850 per club in the Gen1 model to $575 for its successor. The company is making the requisite price adjustments to their fairway woods and hybrids, too, while continuing to advance their offerings.

More technology at a lower cost. In a vacuum, it sounds too good to be true. In reality, the combination of innovation and more competitive pricing puts PXG on the radar of more golfers.

PXG 0341X Gen2 fairways

The PXG 0341X Gen2 fairways ($425 each, down from $650 each) were designed to be longer, with less spin and a lower launch.

A carbon-fiber crown on the fairways gave PXG designers more discretionary weight to position to achieve those goals, while a take on the Hot Rod Technology found in the 0811 Gen2 drivers stiffens the crown to absorb impact while preserving ball speeds. The change from steel to carbon-fiber dropped the crown weight by 75 percent, moving the center of gravity down (and a little more forward).

The number of weight ports has dropped from nine in the 0341X Gen1 to eight in this model, with the arrangement moved to the extreme heel and toe, as well toward the leading edge of the sole. This allows for more customization in MOI in the heel and toe, as well shot-shape bias. The tungsten weights can be moved into the forward ports to move the CG forward to drop spin and launch angle. The company claims an overall distance increase of 7-10 yards.

A TPE insert in the sole is designed to improve sound and feel, carrying the same honeycomb shape found in the new drivers. An adjustable hosel allows for 3 total degrees of change.

PXG 0317X Gen2 hybrids

The PXG 0317X Gen2 hybrids ($375, down from $550), like their fairway-wood cousins, look to improve upon their predecessor with better materials and improved weight distribution. A carbon-fiber crown is the centerpiece in dropping down weight and the center of gravity, complete with the matte-black paint job.

The Hot Rod Technology ribbing system is here, too, meant to absorb energy at impact while stiffening the crown structure to prevent deformation.

Like the fairways, the 0317X Gen2 hybrids have eight weight ports, with a similar layout to the fairway woods. The TPE honeycomb sole insert is also a carry-over. The company claims golfers will see 3-4 extra yards over the prior generation.

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