Wilson Golf's D7 distance irons offer added yards in a sleeker package

Wilson Golf’s D7 distance irons offer added yards in a sleeker package

Wilson Golf has been making really great irons this decade.

The FG Tour V6 irons were a revelation for better players. The C300 irons packaged a punch in the player's distance category, with the C300 Forged irons pushing boundaries while keeping better players' eyes pleased.

The D300 irons were a winner with higher-handicap players, looking more for yards than anything else.

Now, with their D7 irons, Wilson is taking some of the visual cues and technological implementations from their C and FG Tour lines and putting them in the D family.

The D7 irons feature the polymer-filled Power Holes that's become a bit of a calling card of Wilson irons in the last few years. These holes are cut in the head and filled to allow the face to flex more at impact to deliver higher ball speed and extra distance. However, unlike what we saw in the C200 and C300 irons, there are no Power Holes on the topline of the D7 irons, with Wilson realizing some players found them distracting (no me, but I digress).

The Power Holes are progressive on the D7 irons, with three rows of them on the long irons (4- through 7-iron), two rows on the 8- and 9-iron and just one row on the the pitching wedge. Further, computer-aided design (CAD) software now allows Wilson to better design the Power Holes, including their sizing and spacing, to maximize their impact.

Couple the Power Holes with a face insert that's the thinnest Wilson has put into this category of iron, and you get pop in the bat. Wilson calls the combo RE-AKT technology.

Yes, the lofts have been strengthened in the D7 irons. Stop worrying and calling it immediately a bad thing. The reality is equipment manufacturers have been able to drop center of gravity enough that they feel stronger lofts prevent irons from flying too high for golfers' expectations and ability to cope. Wilson has done it, everyone has done it. The reason is the same.

So, now the challenge is getting golfers in that higher-handicap range to try out the D7s, which are available Jan. 17, 2019.

The Wilson D7 irons will come as a seven-piece set (5-iron to GW) for $600 in KBS Tour 80 steel shafts (R and S flex) and $700 in Recoil Series graphite shafts (A, R and S flex), with a 4-iron and SW available for custom order.

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