4 simple ways the PGA Tour could make events more kid-friendly
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4 simple ways the PGA Tour could make events more kid-friendly

The PGA Tour -- and the LPGA, Web.com Tour and PGA Tour Champions -- offers a great product. You can't get much closer to the action than you can in golf, and there's a pretty decent chance, if you're patient, you can meet your favorite players after the round.

Fan aren't glued to a seat assignment, so they have the freedom to experience the tournament as they'd like. That means picking the holes and players to watch, grabbing whatever food or drink they want from myriad options on-site, and choosing to layout on the grass, stand by the rope line or chill out in a hospitality tent (if you can afford it).

But the experience could be made better for kids. I know, golf is perceived as a sport liked by rich white dudes, but those rich white dudes, as well most everyone else who comes to a PGA Tour event, either has or knows someone who has a child. Kids are the future of golf, and there are few better ways to attract kids to the game than by giving them an overwhelmingly positive experience at a PGA Tour event.

The autograph areas where kids have preference are wonderful. Ancillary activities for kids are also swell, too. However, kids could get some special treatment on-course and along the ropeline that could make them fans for life.

Here are four modest suggestions.


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