Ian Poulter plays chase with a young fan's hat in fun mid-round exchange
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Ian Poulter plays chase with a young fan’s hat in fun mid-round exchange


Ian Poulter gets a bad rap. He really does.

Americans don't much like him because of the Ryder Cup unpleasantness. And he's done and said things over the years which have made it tough to find him endearing. But he has a soft spot for kids. He works with charity called Dreamflight, helping underprivileged young people experience his adopted hometown of Orlando and its many family-friendly attractions.

And Poulter showed his soft side for kids on Friday at the 2018 BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.

After the Englishman hit a tee shot at Wentworth, a young fan along the ropeline pounded his chest a bit in Poulter's direction. Poulter took notice, giving the kid a little bit of fun guff. He invites the youngster inside the ropes to get an autograph before he leaves the tee. The kid forks over his hat, and Poulter has a bit of fun with him, running off with his hat and getting the kid to chase him down the tee box and walkway.

Eventually, the kid got his hat back along with Poulter's autograph on it.


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