Barney Adams' Breakthrough Golf Technology introduces new, more stable putter shaft

Barney Adams’ Breakthrough Golf Technology introduces new, more stable putter shaft

When you think shafts, you probably think about the ones in your driver, then your irons, then your fairway woods, hybrids and then wedges. You probably don't even consider the shaft in your putter.

I mean, you might know what kind of bend it has, or if it's tapered. Maybe you know if there's some counter-balancing to it. But you probably don't question that it's made of steel. After all, how fast are you swinging the putter blade? Not that quickly. And stability only matters for the higher swing-speed shots, right?

Barney Adams -- you should know that name -- is back in the business to challenge your notion of what a putter shaft should be and what it can do to help you make more putts.

Adams' Breakthrough Golf Technology has developed a putter shaft which, the company claims, is more stable for the everyday golfer and will lead to better putting. The $200 Stability shaft is a multi-material product with a quartet of features aimed at improving contact no matter where it's made on the face. The no-taper shaft sports eight layers of wrapped-and-layered high modulus carbon fiber, designed to have lower torque. A 22-gram aluminum insert was precisely placed to reinforce the product's rigidity. A 7075-aluminum connector joins the carbon fiber on one end and the putter head tip on the other, regardless of the bend profile. The stainless-steel tip is designed with a tight tolerance and coated with a smoke PVD finish to protect against corrosion.

The end goal is clear: A more stable putter will lead to better contact across the face, and that will lead to better putts, including more makes. As putter heads have gotten heavier, shafts haven't really changed to accommodate them. The focus has been on the MOI of a heavier, more-distributed head, not the shaft enhancing MOI with a more stable delivery.
Adams has made plenty of hay in golf, most notably with his Adams Golf line of fairway woods. Now, he's delving into the putter world with a product -- putter shafts -- few have truly tried to radically improve since steel took over for hickory shafts in putters. He's got a tester, if not a believer, in Justin Rose, who used the shaft at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. The question is if golfers would be willing to become shaft aficionados for their putter if it meant a tighter circle of makes and misses around the hole.
The Breakthrough Golf Stability 125-gram shaft is available in four tip sizes including a double-bend option in an X-stiff flex.

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