OptiShot launches BallFlight combined simulator and launch monitor

OptiShot launches BallFlight combined simulator and launch monitor

OptiShot has been a leader in the golf simulator marketplace, particularly for home-based simulators for golfers without the kind of space to dedicate to a permanent structure for playing golf indoors. The simulators can emulate many of the world's most famous golf courses, and they've offered good data for golfers looking to also bring their practice routine inside.

Now, the company is releasing its most advanced simulator yet, called BallFlight. BallFlight comes in at $6,000, and it uses three ball-tracking technologies -- camera, radar and infrared camera triggering -- to deliver the most accurate simulation possible. The BallFlight also provides data on total and carry distance, club head speed, horizontal and vertical launch angles, backspin and ball speed.

The product can be used indoors or outdoors, and it's portable enough that it could be moved relatively easily. A portable battery can be charged to deliver four hours of support to keep the system charged and running.

The BallFlight launch monitor connects to devices through a USB 3.0 connection.

There seems to be more momentum in the United States for simulators, particularly as the prices come down and the technology has become more accessible. By coming in with a higher-end simulator as a cutthroat price point, OptiShot is hoping to capture an expanding audience of potential simulator buyers.

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