Ben Hogan Golf revives Edge irons as a hollow-body, distance-oriented set

Ben Hogan Golf revives Edge irons as a hollow-body, distance-oriented set

When I last purchased Ben Hogan irons back in 2000, I had a choice between two sets: the Apex for better players and the Edge irons for a little bit extra help in the game-improvement category. Hogan wasn't really known as a company that made forgiving irons. That wasn't Mr. Hogan's thing. However, the Edge irons did open the door for Hogan to reach more average golfers.

Now in its current incarnation as a direct-to-consumer equipment maker, Ben Hogan Golf has revived the Edge line and put that name on a set of forged, hollow-body irons designed to offer the combination of feel and distance that has emerged in the so-dubbed players-distance iron category.

The modern Edge irons have a two-piece head, with laser-welded stainless steel coming together in a hollow-body construction to keep weight in desired places: around the perimeter and edges of the club, as well lower in the longer irons to help lower center of gravity and improve launch characteristics. The hollow-body build allows Ben Hogan to make the long-iron faces thinner so they flex more at impact for increased ball speed and distance. On the mid- and short irons, the faces aren't as thin on these Edge irons, as distance is less important than control and consistency.

The Edge irons have the same Scor V-Sole found in the recently announced Equalizer irons, with a higher-bounce leading edge, less camber and a pre-worn trailing edge with less bounce to get through turf with a steeper angle of attack and less digging.

Ben Hogan Edge irons are available from March 26 for $735 each in an seven-piece set, and they're only available through Ben Hogan Golf's website,

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