WATCH: Adaptive golfer born without hands makes amazing hole-in-one
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WATCH: Adaptive golfer born without hands makes amazing hole-in-one

Golf is an amazing test of your mental and physical ability. It forces you to confront your flaws, however numerous, and reality, however trying, to figure out a way to get a 1.68-inch ball into a 4.25-inch hole in the ground. It's the ultimate sport.

Maybe that's why triumphs in golf, as temporary as they are, can be so powerful.

That's why you're going to love this video.

Brandon Canesi is an adaptive golfer. He was born without hands, so he has learned to play golf with custom-built equipment allowing him to make a golf swing just like anyone else might. He just uses a longer, more flexible shaft in a lot of his equipment to be able to generate maximum power. He's a pretty solid player. This video is of Brandon making a hole-in-one on an island-green par 3, and it absolutely made my day. (The language is NSFW, but you should still watch with the volume up.)

How cool is that? No matter who you are, you can have that kind of triumph and excitement and joy.

Canesi runs an organization called Hole High, which works in adaptive golf and adaptive sports to help bring more people into the game. His group works to find people the proper adaptive golf equipment for them, get fit and allow them to play with as level of a playing field as possible. He also is studying to become a golf professional and work in the sport.

This is a pretty awesome moment.

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