The top 5 reasons to choose Ship Sticks when traveling with your golf clubs
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The top 5 reasons to choose Ship Sticks when traveling with your golf clubs

Traveling with your golf clubs is not a fun experience. In fact, it can be downright dreadful.

Whether it's paying to have your clubs treated without respect by an airliner, lugging them each and every place you go, or having to feel like you're constantly babysitting your bag, bringing your golf clubs with you is a headache. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Ship Sticks, you can quickly and easily ship your golf bag and clubs from your home, office or golf club to the destination of your choice through their white-glove, end-to-end service. If that's not reason enough, we've come up with the top five reasons to use Ship Sticks.

1. You can breeze through airport check-in and baggage claim

Instead of having to drag your golf bag case out of your car, maybe on a bus, to the terminal, then to the check-in counter, you'll have already shipped your bag with Ship Sticks. Rather than having to wait after you arrive at the airport, go to baggage claim and wait for your bag, hoping it wasn't damaged or lost, you can just grab your smaller bags and head to your destination while your clubs are arriving to theirs.

2. You can ship your clubs directly to where you're playing

One of the many great things about Ship Sticks is you can send your clubs to where you're playing, not just where you're staying. Often, those are two different places, and that means you're typically going from your accommodations to your tee time each day with clubs in hand. End that hassle with Ship Sticks and have your clubs shipped to where you're playing.

3. You can have your bags shipped while you're traveling

For business travelers, opportunities to play golf are not always a sure thing -- especially when in the midst of a long road trip. That means a lot of professionals leave their clubs at home, rather than paying for the expense and dealing with the hassle of having clubs just in case. But rental clubs aren't a good option either. With Ship Sticks, travelers can have their bag picked up from their home or office while on the road and have it shipped to their destination, just as the schedule clears. Then, when they're done and heading to their next destination, road warriors can have their clubs shipped back home.

4. Your clubs are in the best hands 

Ship Sticks works with the best delivery companies in the world, including UPS and FedEx, to ensure your clubs arrive on time and at the lowest possible price. If you prefer to drop off than schedule a pick up, you can drop off your clubs at a UPS or FedEx retail store and know your babies are in good hands for their trip.

5. You can track your golf clubs every step of the way

With Ship Sticks, you'll always know exactly where your clubs are, from the moment they're received to the second they arrive at their destination. Ship Sticks monitors all shipments and gives you the tools to be able to follow along as well. You'll have the added piece of mind that Ship Sticks actually cares about your clubs and making sure they arrive safe and sound.

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