Cobra Golf unveils King Black wedge in traditional and single-length varieties

Cobra Golf unveils King Black wedge in traditional and single-length varieties

Cobra Golf is one of those companies whose wedges go underappreciated. I'm not sure why that is, but the purveyors of Trusty Rusty just don't get enough love for their wedge work.

However, their new King Black wedges -- available in traditional and single-length styles -- should catch some eyeballs. Both feature a proprietary Dimonized Black Metal (DBM) finish, which the company used for its durability and glare-resistance compared to a PVD style, on an 8620 carbon steel body. It's the finish that's been on Rickie Fowler's King blades over the last few years. The blade can also have the appearance of a bigger profile with the black finish, which can inspire some confidence.

The face of the wedge is CNC milled to precision and sports the company's Progressive Spin Technology to dial in spin performance for each loft. The higher-lofted wedges (56 and above) have wider, shallower groves for more spin as the ball slides up the face, while the lower-lofted wedges have narrower, tighter-spaced grooves for full-shot performance as well partial shots around the green. Milling also creates the company's Variable Face Roughness to help impart more spin and deliver more control while remaining within the USGA sandbox on specs.

There are three sole grinds in this line:

  • The Versatile sole features a softened leading edge with heel and toe relief and a medium bounce (8-10 degrees) to provide more shot versatility on medium-to-firm turf conditions
  • The Classic grind features a thinner sole, higher bounce (11-12 degrees) and a progressively wider sole from heel to toe for total versatility
  • The WideLow grind offers a wide sole with low bounce (4-7 degrees) that serves as an all-around wedge perfect for medium-to-soft turf conditions

The King Black One Length has a 7-iron length and swing weight, so the lie angle is a degree flatter than the traditional-length wedge to help produce straighter and more accurate trajectories. The One Length options are 56- and 60-degree heads.

Like all of Cobra's clubs in 2018, these wedges feature Cobra Connect, which allows a golfer to use the Arccos 360 platform with the Arccos sensor embedded natively in the grip.

The Cobra King Black wedges will be available March 2 for $150 each in lofts ranging from 50-60 degrees and have a stock True Temper S200 steel shaft.

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