Game Golf Pro ends the era of tagging

Game Golf Pro ends the era of tagging

The big knock on Game Golf, from the start, was tagging. Before every shot, you would be required to tap a sensor screwed in the butt end of your grip to a reader that Game Golf suggested you attach to your belt buckle. This way, a GPS on board the reader would pinpoint your location before you hit the shot. It messed with golfers' pre-shot routines and seemed like a needless extra step to get the data. It turned people off.

Meanwhile, rivals like Arccos and Shot Scope came along, offering no-tag alternatives. The knock on some of those products was you needed to pair the sensors with an app on your phone through Bluetooth, draining your battery life during a round using both Bluetooth and GPS on board your mobile device.

Now Game Golf believes it has the right answer to the tagging conundrum with Game Golf Pro.

Game Golf Pro maintains the setup most users of these products have come to know, starting with the individual club sensors screwed into the butt end of each club. However, Game Golf Pro eliminates the need to tag each sensor to a reader for each shot. A new reader, which has its own battery and GPS unit,  automatically determines when a club has been pulled and an actual shot struck. That way, there's no phone draining during the round, and you're free to use the Game Golf app and all of your other phone functions without having to worry about it dying before the back nine. You will need to use the Game Golf app and your phone's Bluetooth capability to initially pair the sensors to the reader, but that's it.

In addition, Game Golf is getting in on the data analysis trend with their Smart Caddie feature, which, similar to Arccos, uses past performance and course conditions to make recommendations for strategy and club selection on each shot. The company is also introducing a platform to make such data available to course operators to understand their course usage, pain points and potential setup problems.

The release date and cost for Game Golf Pro isn't yet available, but a 2018 release has been billed.

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