Ping goes for a MOI monster with its G400 Max driver

Ping goes for a MOI monster with its G400 Max driver

The Ping G30 driver is one of those borderline legendary products because all the stories you ever heard about it centered on, well, the center. The driver was a fairway finder for a lot of golfers without necessarily killing distance off the tee. It was really forgiving, and that's something a lot of golfers loved, so many purchased a G30.

Offering high moment-of-inertia in a driver is a goal of any equipment maker, but leading with MOI as the main feature of the club isn't typically the case. Golfers buy distance, and, despite surveys, purchase data shows hitting closer to the center line is secondary. Still, there is a clear market for golfers who want a driver that will protect them on off-center hits and still deliver accuracy and distance.

Ping's latest iteration of their high-MOI driver is the Ping G400 Max.

Ping says this is a driver with their highest-ever MOI measurements, using a larger profile and weight savings from multi-material construction to create a combined MOI rating over 9,900 gram cm2. That's bonkers. 

The company attributes those massive MOI numbers to saving multiples of weight over other products they've offered through their Dragonfly crown and a thinner forged face. A high-density tungsten back weight runs around the back sole, adding forgiveness and driving the center of gravity position even farther back-and-low than their G400.

Ping says its forging and heat-treatment process of the driver's T9S+ face creates a thinner, hotter impact area while delivering appealing feel and sound. The stock, 45.75-inch Alta CB (counter balanced) shaft allows more mass in the head itself for energy transfer at impact.

The adjustable hosel allows a player to go up or down a degree.

The Ping G400 Max driver is available for $435 and comes in with the Ping Alta CB 55 graphite shaft. A variety of other shaft options are available in 45.25 inches for an upgrade fee ranging from $35 to $75, depending on the shaft.

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