REVIEW: Big Cup portable golf target and hole

REVIEW: Big Cup portable golf target and hole

You remember Hack Golf. Well, maybe not. The idea behind it was to find new ways to present the sport to make it appealing to beginners and potential new players. And one of the ideas that was kind of the hallmark of the concept was a bigger hole, one basically double in size the 4.25-inch golf hole we have now. The idea was that it would be easier and more fun to putt into a bigger cup and perhaps save some time to gnaw away at our sport's pace-of-play problem.

The larger golf hole didn't really take off. Part of the reason is that digging out the bigger hole was a disaster for superintendents. They didn't want to destroy their greens with a hole that wasn't easy to cut and took longer to repair. So, at a lot of facilities, bigger holes went away pretty quickly.

However, the idea of a big hole, especially if you're just trying to breeze around the golf course, or if you're playing with a beginner, is still a good idea. That's the beauty of a new-ish product called, simply, Big Cup.

The product is an 8-inch cup that sits on top an already-cut cup (or wherever you want, really) to give a larger-cup experience without needing a shovel. The product lays over top of the existing in-ground cup, and there's a hole in the middle of it to put the flagstick so the cup doesn't move while you're putting. When balls roll into the Big Cup, they get caught and remain there until you remove them. This way, everyone that wants to can putt to a bigger cup and then move on to the players trying to make it in the standard, in-ground cup or just pick up the Big Cup and go to the next hole, balls in hand.

While Big Cup is handy on the course, I actually like it more on the chipping green and practice area. I like it as a bigger target for chip shot or even as a spot setter for chip shots that can then collect my good shots easily. It's like a shag bag in that way.

The Big Cup is $25 and comes in a variety of colors.

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