REVIEW: Skechers Go Golf Tour shoes

REVIEW: Skechers Go Golf Tour shoes


When Skechers first announced in 2014 that they'd be coming out with a line of golf shoes, a lot of people in the industry snubbed their noses.

Oh, the Shape-Ups people? Don't they make Vans for dads?

Well, it turns out that Skechers put out a stylish, comfortable shoe at a solid value -- perfectly consistent with their brand which, yes, casual shoes for golf dads.

We tried out the Skechers Go Golf Tour shoe, which retails for $100, for several early spring rounds. It comes in four, two-tone colorways, with a mesh layer over top of an accent color. The top layer -- be it white, black, brown or grey -- provides cover and contrast for a bolder color underneath. It takes a little adjusting, but they look great with matching shorts or pants. The upper is practically one piece, making for a great, consistent fit.

When you pick up the shoe, you immediately notice just how light it is. At 10.25 oz (in a Size 9), you'll barely notice them on your feet during a round. That's great for walking in hot and humid conditions or on a course with a lot of elevation change. No one wants to walk around feeling like they're donning ankle weights.

On the heel, there's the nice touch of a synthetic leather overlay. There's also a clear guard on the front to protect the upper from getting scuffed up and dirty. If you're going to make a trade off from having a leather upper, this is a good compromise in value.

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The fit is solid. It's not too tight, which is good for folks who don't take a shining to the sleeve-like fit in some modern shoes. However, the fit isn't so loose that it's like wearing a clog-like dress shoe. The padding is generous but not over the top, with the company's proprietary Resalyte injection-molded compound in the midsole. There's a hint of memory foam, which is a must in your golf shoes. The padded collar and tongue are a nice detail. The shoes work well to keep moisture at bay, with the combination of the shoe's (lack of) weight and Dri-Lex technology working to keep your feet dry.

The Skechers Go Golf Tour shoes also has scent protection, meaning your stinky feet won't make the shoe smell like a gym locker room after 10 wears.

The outsole has a hybrid-style cleat pattern, with multi-sized nub-like spikes all over to provide traction and support. Like with any hybrid-type shoe, this is not the shoe to wear after a downpour the night before your tee time. However, the traction is more than good enough for most every condition aside from torrential rain.

The Skechers Go Golf Tour shoes live up to their name. They're perfect to go golf in them. They look good, feel good and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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