James Nitties' Bain mask mustache kills at the Utah Championship

James Nitties’ Bain mask mustache kills at the Utah Championship

Aussie James Nitties just raised (or lowered, depending on your view) the bar on what makes for a killer mustache.

Nitties' facial hair won him the annual mustache contest at the Web.com Tour's Utah Championship. What that combination actually is, frankly, is hard to describe, but it kind of looks like a human-hair version of the Bain mask.


The 31-year-old has been a staple on the Web.com Tour since 2011, the season after he lost his PGA Tour card following a nearly $1 million season in 2009. And while he hasn't won on the Web.com Tour in that three-plus season stretch, this is his second Utah Championship mustache championship -- making him the first repeat winner in the now seven-year history of the contest.