VIDEO: Police chase fugitive all around Minnesota golf course

VIDEO: Police chase fugitive all around Minnesota golf course

This happens more often than you think, but it's nevertheless incredible.

Police in Moorhead, Minn., had quite a chase on their hands on Tuesday evening as they were looking to serve warrants for several drug charges to a North Dakota man. Kendall Feist, 33, instead chose to flee from officers and onto Village Green Golf Course, leading them on a high-speed chase through the course.

“I looked out the window and saw a pickup truck coming straight down the driving range,” said Mark Rasmussen, a pro shop employee at the golf course, according to WHO-TV. “He swerved out of the way and cut across the fairway… people running to get out of his way.”

"I saw three cops chasing a car down three fairway and then they ended up ramping three green into my neighborhood back over there," said witness Ben Welle to


Moorhead police eventually abandoned the golf-course chase for Feist, but resumed it again when Feist's vehicle was spotted on I-94. The chase subsided a second time before officials noticed Feist's vehicle parked over the border into North Dakota at a Fargo mall.

In addition to felony drug charges, Feist earned himself additional felony charges for fleeing police capture. The police department is evaluating its chase policies.

Despite the damage, Village Green G.C. is still taking tee times for the weekend.