DV8 Sports wants to change your golf bag to a backpack of clubs

DV8 Sports wants to change your golf bag to a backpack of clubs

Lugging golf clubs around -- on and off the course -- can be a pain in the butt, back and legs. Recognizing this, a company called DV8 (get it?) Sports is hoping to revolutionize the golf bag and the clubs in it.

The company has created a Kickstarter to raise money for its backpack of 14 interchangeable heads and two shaft pieces that would comprise a convenient, portable set of clubs. The secret to the set is a coupler that allows a player to change heads in less than 10 seconds -- imagine the Medicus, but it doesn't break down under any circumstance.

The bag that houses the clubheads and shafts weighs about 15 lbs. with everything in it, short of tees, balls and other accessories.

But how do the composite clubs perform against standard sticks? Inventor Pat Brady -- not himself a golfer -- claims there's a less than 3 percent drop in distance compared to other clubs on the market.

The clubs may well not be competition-legal under USGA equipment guidelines, guided by Rules 4-2 and 4-4 under the Rules of Golf. Nevertheless, they may make practicing and playing more convenient for city-dweller, motorcycle owners and travelers who don't want to lug around a travel bag.

For a donation of $1,070, you can own the set of clubs, backed by former Phil Mickelson instructor Rick Smith.

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